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The 5 Golden Rings Dental Practice Referral System

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Imagine what your life would be like if every new patient who walked through your door was pre-sold on your philosophy of Dentistry, accepted treatment on the first try, and never questioned your diagnosis.

I know your team would be happier, your day would be less busy, you’d waste less hours in the day, and you could finally sustain growth in your practice. All of this with fewer highly qualified patients and yet more profitablility and fun. All as a result of delivering comprehensive dentistry to referred patients, which allows you to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve and make more money with less effort, time, and number of patients than you do now.

I know what you are thinking:

What is this magical place of wonder and state of ideal you speak of and how can I get there?…at least you should.

It’s the Magic of Creating a truly complete and real Referral-Based Practice where you have a culture that is deliberately designed to manufacture all the New Patients you could possibly need through the efforts of others, without cost, gimmicks, or  otherwise silly ineffective discounts, bribes, or coupons. You will distance yourself from the dentistry that the big box and corporate chains use to beat down the lifeblood of our industry (that’s you) and brainwash patients into thinking price is somehow not linked to quality.  It is as we both know it. 

The only way to overcome this without peeling away all of your profits in marketing and advertising voodoo (that give you worse odds than gambling at the craps table in Vegas) is to once and for all finally install into your Practice:

The 5 Golden Rings Dental Practice Referral System.

The result is simple.

This will eliminate the need for any external advertising or wasted marketing expense.

It puts getting Referrals on auto-pilot and empowers your A+ patients to be conditioned to be your raving fan ambassadors out in the community, and that means you get others just like them.

Perhaps more important than all of those things, the 5 Golden Rings act like a rising tide that lifts up your entire practice, getting higher quality, more appreciative compliant patients meaning you have the option to lessen the time of your day or the space in your practice for patients that, let’s just say, don’t fit.

My book will open your mind to the power of the impact and significance of finally achieving a Referral Based Practice that will change the culture in your office and make everything easier.

Within these pages, I’m going to teach you,walk you through, and explain in detail the exact methods I use with my personal Private Clients and the most successful Dentists in North America and I’m going to do it all FOR FREE.

Look, this is a fact; you would probably agree that your best new patients come from Referrals of other Patients, of course.  And you call that “word of mouth.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, word-of-mouth, is NOT a strategy.  And it darn sure is not a system that is repeatable, predictable, able to be replicated and goes to work without you or anyone else on your team having to do anything.

Instead, what you want are proven, structured, reliable SYSTEMS that drive Referrals into your Practice every day.

You want my Dental Practice Referral System with not one, two, or three, four, but 5 GOLDEN RINGS.

This FREE BOOK is going to be the most valuable continuing education class you’ve ever received…dealing with the Psychology of Your Patients and why, how, when, and even where they refer.

There are no tricks, they are specific strategies that have been withheld from our Industry for decades because the conflict of interest held by the savage marketing, mailing, internet, and other advertising companies that want you to believe the only possibility to generate new patients is to mail to strangers or to go fishing online for prospects that usually don’t even live near your practice and are looking at a half-dozen others on the same page.

This is no way to establish differentiation and have peace of mind.  Hey, you’re hearing this from one of the highest paid Direct Marketing Consultants and Strategists on the planet, I work with companies world wide on getting more customers. But, when it comes to Dentistry, New Patients, the best are from referrals – at zero cost - and done right, embracing my 5 Golden Rings Approach, you need nothing else and you completely transform the dynamic inside of your office.

Here’s just a partial list of everything you’ll discover in my new book:
The 5 Golden Rings Dental Practice Referral System...

  • Discover the most powerful reason any patient refers to your practice
  • Unlock a secret code to getting peer/professional/community based referrals
  • Finally achieve the Team-based New Patient advocacy that gets your people growing the practice with Referrals
  • Attract patients in need of comprehensive with the ability to pay with 3 simple steps
  • Learn how to embrace the 7 psychological triggers that ignite the feeling of reciprocity, appreciation, and referral tendency in your patients
  • How to identify a patient as quality source of future referrals on the first visit
  • My blueprint for the 5-part ultimate referral getting experience to turning one patient into many
  • Plus the highest performing letter I have ever designed and written for my client’s that routinely results in more than $275,000 of immediate production in the first 90-days all from untapped referrals
  • The right way to use the holidays, contests, promotions, and any other ‘referral’ gimmick in your office, they do work, just for fun I’ll explain how
  • Just for a little icing on the cake, the most underutilized source of referrals in your practice that can quite literally double your new patient numbers overnight is used properly, it’s pure magic and NO OFFICE does this, I’m serious until I get ahold of them

...plus there is a whole lot more, in total I have more than 17 different ways to generate referrals in your practice all nicely organized into My 5 Golden Rings System.